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Service and guarantee

Your Mathis Montabon watch is guaranteed free from all manufacturing defects for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase, subject to the following conditions. Any part found by our technical services to be defective as a result of manufacturing defects will be, at the sole discretion of Mathis Montabon, repaired or replaced free of charge.
In order to benefit from this guarantee, you will be required to present the Mathis Montabon Certificate of Authenticity and your invoice of an authorized Mathis Montabon retailer. Please keep the certificate and the invoice in a safe place.

In order to benefit from guarantee services under the International Guarantee, you shall contact the authorized Mathis Montabon retailer where you bought your Mathis Montabon watch and present your Mathis Montabon watch and the Mathis Montabon Certificate of Authenticity. You may alternatively send your Mathis Montabon watch, with the Mathis Montabon Certificate of Authenticity and your invoice to the official Mathis Montabon After-Sales Service Center. If you need your watch to be repaired, please fill in the following form:

Mathis Montabon repairing form

Please take the following into account:
Please also notice the following:

In order to avoid unnecessary repairing, you read carefully through the instruction manual:
We suggest you to wear your watch every day, you will this keep your watch from standing still due to the normal movements of your wrist.
Should you seldom wear your watch, we suggest to keep your watch on an automatic watch winder to avoid it from standing still.
This way you will not need to set the time and other functions each time.
In order to get the watch to work again once it has already stood still we suggest you wind your watch manually through the crown about 30 times. Never set the time or the calendar functions between 8 p.m. And 4 a.m., during this period the date changing mechanism is active and you could be damaging the movement!
Please read the instructions manual carefully. There you will find important information about how to handle the watch and the strap or bracelet.

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