Mathis Montabon: An homage to time!

The collection of Mathis Montabon is an homage to time in every way!

The idea of catching the magic of time and bringing it to life by creating fascinating watches is reflected in every single detail.

In this spirit, Mathis Montabon's creative designers and experienced watchmakers deliberately oscillate between the past, the present and the future.

On the one hand, Mathis Montabon focusses on the traditional way of watchmaking of the past centuries: The very first sketches and drawings are still being drafted by hand and the assembling of the watches is the result of an elaborate craftsmanship which is permanently subjected to a strict quality control process.

On the other hand, Mathis Montabon's watches are trendsetting as modern technology and only the best materials are used in the production.

The contemporary and at the same time timeless design, in turn, interconnects the brand to the present.

The result is a collection of complex and sophisticated watches of highest quality, precision and longevity.

The use of high-grade materials, the exciting design and the noble finishing makes every Mathis Montabon watch a distinct masterwork of horology.

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